Life Lesson

When something is work related and someone says “hey, can you just finish this one bit for me? It’s almost done and I’m swamped, it would be a real help if you could just finish it off for me”

That’s code for “I’ve done jack shit or very little of the work, can you do the lion’s share?”
Also, “whatever work I’ve done you cannot trust it was done correctly so you might have to start from scratch”

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Multi-tasking day

Finished off the line of Heavy Tank personal missions in WoT. All that’s left are the ass “platoon” missions, eg arty/scout/td, so no rush to get any of those out of the way.

Started getting acquainted with the Pierce County Sewer extension requirements etc since apparently I need to hire a contractor for this now.
Got a basic prototype apk working for a barcode scanner, so I have a visual reference and an extremely high level idea of what I need to do
Downloaded Android Studio and got that installed.

Read a bit more in the android tutorial book, got kind of confused as there are some funky conventions apparently (you store arrays in an xml file in the resources folder? lol wtf)

Killed off more characters I like a lot in Bravely Default.

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Woke up late, did nothing day

Woke up at like 2pm, uh

played a couple of League of Legends games.
Played a bunch of world of tanks games and did missions in them
Went to the gym.

today was a slow day.

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Let’s see what happens if I keep a log of what I do

I realized that the past few months of my life, I’ve done things, but overall I’ve kind of lost track of time and obviously when I lose track of how I’m spending time I feel as though I’m not accomplishing as much as I had hoped to set out to do. I guess for the sake of accountability and so I can look back over the month in retrospect, I’ll give a daily summary at least for april

Today I guess I played a bunch of world of tanks games, finished a quest in hearthstone. Also I got past the swordmaster subquest in Bravely Default. Also did some hearthstone arena and sucked.

I started reading a intro book to android dev, and have the basics of my environment set up.
I cleaned house on my secondary hard drive and moved it to an external.
Set up some doctor’s appt.
Bought a pizza. Cooked a pizza. Also accidentally baked a wok pot.
Watched some twitch. Looked at old youtube videos, feeling older.

And now, I’m headed off to the gym.

Some todo’s for tomorrow.
– Make a prototype for barcode reading etc for android
– Read more on basic terminology and the general building blocks of apps (views, intents, activities, etc whatever)
– Draw some hands, basic poses.

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Having some fun w/image editing

Just messing around with some basic layering/effects to recreate the persona 4 style of backgrounds


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Just some things I’ve learned I guess

Converting split .VOB’s to .mkvs using virtualdub

work in progress etc.

Well, after another day of messing around, the process seems more like:

Combine different parts/MPEG 2 bits into MKV using MKVMerge or w/e
Rip out the video and encode using command line x264 codec conversion executable thing
– Something like C:\path\x264.exe –pass 1 –bitrate (some #), –fps (match original source fps) -o (output path) (input path)
– Might bother throwing in some things for aspect ratio and whatnot, but didn’t cause issues for me.
Rip out audio and encode, but I guess I skipped this step
MKVMerge video and audio once again.

Man, this process might have been aggravating if I didn’t have such a nice computer.

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Note to self, add lightbox module and set up a gallery of sorts with dates

So that you can upload random sketches and artworks and have a record of progression.

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