Recap of the Month

I guess having an update every day was ambitious? Nah that doesn’t sound right, I’d say it was more having lackadaisical pursuits made for regular updates being difficult.

I guess I’ve started drawing “quick” sketches a bunch more. My goal here is to force myself to try and draw a bunch of unknown poses and materials as well as try and add my own spin on each picture as to what makes them unique. I’m hoping this will kickstart drawing various poses and getting decent proportions for hands/arms/body/legs/feet/etc. So far so good.

Started playing a few more regular games of League of Legends for ranked. So far it’s going pretty swimmingly, whatever bracket I’m in or whatever the games haven’t been too difficult. The only games I’ve lost haven’t been blowouts, but someone deciding they want to troll the team or something like that. Whatever. I’ll take a 85% w/r.

I’ve been doing a regular rotation at the gym as well. Before I think I’d do something like 80% weights 20% cardio, now it’s more like 60% cardio and 40% weights.

One of the biggest downsides of playing only really good games back to back to back to back is that you’re hit with “the feels” over and over. There are so many characters you grow attached to, only to have them kind of cast back into the ether as an equally fascinating and exciting game is just on the horizon.

I should really get that android programming back on my regular schedule.

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More and Less productive

Recap of the past couple of days

Watched Kingsman, which I thought was a pretty good straightforward action movie, though I did appreciate the undertones of the effects of affluence. I would give this around a 8 to 8.5 out of 10. To put that into perspective, John Wick would be around a 9. Edge of Tomorrow would be around a 7.5-8. Etc.

Went to the gym a bunch of times.

I washed my car

Made some croquettes and refined the “recipe” so I can make them much better and faster next time.

Beat a bunch more sub-bosses in Bravely default

Somehow snagged a used collector’s edition of halo 4 lol

Drew a bunch of legs. Legs are actually pretty easy it turns out, it’s the feet that look weird.

Finished off the first set of personal missions in World of Tanks, getting the the stug IV or whatever.

And most recently, I found out about “parallax backgrounds” or whatever, and I thought that was pretty cool so I tried my hand at implementing it for this blog. Background images are from ideolo and uki. Basically it’s when scrolling text scrolls slower than the given background, which leads to some pretty slick looking UX when done right. Mine was just a proof of concept to see what needed to be done to pull it off, as to do it right I would say you would want backgrounds that are consistently dark or light and have the text the opposite color to show up nicely.

As a side effect of this I guess I re-learned the layout of how wordpress sets up its php files.

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So, Accidents Happen.

I might of kind of accidentally beaten Bravely Default. See, you know how when there’s a button and someone’s like, don’t push this button, you want to push that button about 73 times? Yea, I kind of had that moment. Apparently I stumbled into a shortcut. Well, all’s well that ends well, looks like all my level grinding I’d done for the past couple of days wasn’t in vain, judging by how “difficult” the end battle was compared to a couple other battles I’ve had recently, I was actually a little overleveled, or maybe overgeared? Nah, I think it was the former. Anyways, I’ll be going through the standard path just to soak in all the content I’d accidentally passed by.

I really enjoyed this game. Currently, I’ve put in a good 60 hours or so into this game and not one minute of that is something I regret.

Anyways, android programming. Played around a bit with the UI. Got hands dirty with activities and intents. Basically, have the idea of what they are and the gist of how they work down, but implementing them smoothly is another issue, so that’ll be the fun stuff I get to next.

Read a couple of chapters of manga. While comprehension is lacking, I find I can read at a pretty smooth pace now.

Instead of drawing characters and bodies and whatnot, today I decided to sketch out a rough draft and workflow for the app I plan on making. Doesn’t have full coverage, but that was fun as it was different.

Add gym time in here as well.

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Doing things I dislike to be able to enjoy the things I love.

Went to the gym, apparently I can do a full 20 minutes at a jog pace on the stair machine thing now, that was a surprise. I also like the stair machine because it seems to burn the most amount of calories with the least amount of effort.

Got a second monitor set up since having a single monitor was kind of a pain when it came to developing things in android studio. Also when streaming on twitch.

Went through one of the android tutorials, surprising amount of not java but xml. I’m starting to like intellij, it’s pretty snappy.

Got an hour of drawing in today, starting on bodywork. I guess I started getting comfortable with headshots, and staying in a zone of comfort probably isn’t where I want to be when it comes to drawing, so here comes the suck.

Should get a chapter or two read in manga I guess as well.

Anyways, if anything I think my takeaway is that I need to start getting more consistent about budgeting my time.

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I should think of better titles, ok starting next time

I’m waking up at terrible hours, so I’ll need to force myself awake earlier and fix my schedule.

I got the vampire job asterisk in bravely default today. That was pretty fun, had to grind out what I thought was an OP combo though, which is the templar/rampart + red mage job. Basically the strat is if you have at least 3 templars you can have pretty much nonstop ramparts going if you want to take no damage at all, and the red mage part gets you extra BP if you take status effects or damage. Then you just have to make sure your base speed is faster than derosso and bam, you can get into a nice loop where you rampart his strongest physical attacks, and since you’re all red mages you can heal up when he does the occasional graviga or something gets through. Then it’s just queuing up your special attacks; man that’s pretty satisfying to pull off when you chain together 4-5 special attacks. This strategy also crushes all the dragons which with other job combos is a huge pita to deal with. Like, I was burning though ethers/turbo ethers/xpotions/etc just barely hanging on most of the time, since the aoe weakness thing they do basically makes your team a one shot unless you have a rampart or utsuemi or whatever that autododge skill is called for ninja.

I digress though. I guess what I really wanted to type out is how much I enjoy the backstory that came with this sidequest. You can tell by the dialogue the gameplay was meant for like 12 year olds when the main characters go like “yawn, tl;dr” but for you, the player, between the D diary, reading between the lines of what your “enemies” say, and the sidequest of derosso, the story really gets fleshed out through all the satisfying foreshadowing and connected characters. Like, one of my favorite eggs is the Ciggma Khint and Eternia hospital tie-in.

Read a couple of pages of manga. Which is more like Japanese practice, as they’re entertaining ways to practice reading hira/katagana and just encountering new kanji for different vocab.

Finally started messing around with Android Studio. The gui stuff looks pretty straightforward, wondering when I’ll have to get my hands dirty with the codez. Probably when I start implementing logic and data storage etc.

Guess I’ll draw a few things before I go to sleep.

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Two Days worth of stuff I guess

Yesterday… I beat a dragon in bravely default. That was about it I think.

Today uh, finished filing my taxes, finally.

Nothing else to report.

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Seems like an unproductive day

Got my tax forms in order
Cleaned up my workspace
Played a round of cs:go

Started taxes I guess.
Went to gym.
Beat one of the 6 gem boss things in Bravely Default. 5 more to go.

Things I’m neglecting:
android programming

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