About Me

A little bit more about me.

– I volunteer at PAX as an Enforcer, and I can usually be found at Pax Prime & Pax East. Not Australia though, there are dangerous animals there from what I hear.
– I can usually be found spending what little free time I have playing one of three games:

  • World of Tanks
  • League of Legends
  • DoTA 2

– Though eventually when I get some real free time I’d like to revisit my ever-growing horde of jrpgs. I also have a massive backlog of things to play on Steam.

Range > Melee
Cold weather > hot weather

Ah, I also aim to become conversationally fluent in Japanese with a basic roster of Kanji at my disposal.
I apparently have an unhealthy obsession with Chipotle. Yea… it’s pretty bad. But it’s so good. And such a great way to save money.
I guess I actually like all types of food now that I think about it, though I think the term “foodie” is rather pretentious. I’m pretty sure that’s a term people throw around to say tell you they eat really really expensive food, but it’s not like they’re bragging about it.

I’m also mediocre at golf, and good at catching edible aquatic wildlife. I like camping only if there are fires and marshmallows + milk chocolate + graham crackers – mosquitoes.

As for my education, I graduated from the University of Washington with an undergraduate double degree in Finance & Computer Science.
As for my job, I currently work as a Software Developer in Test.