Projects & Things

Here will be a mixture of personal projects as I get going on them.

– World of Tanks blitz Scheduler Automation (Dead! mainly because blitzes don’t exist anymore)

  • Use Wargaming API to pull down members list
  • Throw down a weekly schedule view
  • Have some sort of scheduling algorithm to form logical groups of teams
  • Message team participants that they can form a team and someone ought to sign up said team

–  [Done!] Custom Teamspeak server with a larger capacity than current server

  • [Dead!]Amazon EC or GoDaddy host

    mainly because digital ocean is so much nicer, flexibility wise
  • Open Source message board system or something like that.

– Some sort of photo carousel to display photos

  • Flickr integration?

– Some sort of dynamic display of different pixiv artwork or a sync

– Clean up CSS & add some dynamic js functionality to this site.