New Game Plus

I used to despise New Game Plus. It used to seem like a copout way to pad the # of hours of estimated gameplay and “add replay” value by just tweaking the hp and damage values of enemies.

But now I look forward to new game plus. I don’t know when this paradigm shifted for me. It’s kind of like onions for me now that I think about it. I detested onions as a kid, now I love them.
New game plus, at least currently to me, tells me I can go back and explore/enjoy routes I was unable to in the first run through. Now, I wouldn’t want to play this in a game that is a heavy RPG grinder, but in games more like Danganronpa. Games that have a linear storyline with multiple subroutes, it is great. There’s less pressure to “get things right” on a playthrough and just enjoy it as it goes, but you can explore what you missed later on.

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