Recap of the Month

I guess having an update every day was ambitious? Nah that doesn’t sound right, I’d say it was more having lackadaisical pursuits made for regular updates being difficult.

I guess I’ve started drawing “quick” sketches a bunch more. My goal here is to force myself to try and draw a bunch of unknown poses and materials as well as try and add my own spin on each picture as to what makes them unique. I’m hoping this will kickstart drawing various poses and getting decent proportions for hands/arms/body/legs/feet/etc. So far so good.

Started playing a few more regular games of League of Legends for ranked. So far it’s going pretty swimmingly, whatever bracket I’m in or whatever the games haven’t been too difficult. The only games I’ve lost haven’t been blowouts, but someone deciding they want to troll the team or something like that. Whatever. I’ll take a 85% w/r.

I’ve been doing a regular rotation at the gym as well. Before I think I’d do something like 80% weights 20% cardio, now it’s more like 60% cardio and 40% weights.

One of the biggest downsides of playing only really good games back to back to back to back is that you’re hit with “the feels” over and over. There are so many characters you grow attached to, only to have them kind of cast back into the ether as an equally fascinating and exciting game is just on the horizon.

I should really get that android programming back on my regular schedule.

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