More and Less productive

Recap of the past couple of days

Watched Kingsman, which I thought was a pretty good straightforward action movie, though I did appreciate the undertones of the effects of affluence. I would give this around a 8 to 8.5 out of 10. To put that into perspective, John Wick would be around a 9. Edge of Tomorrow would be around a 7.5-8. Etc.

Went to the gym a bunch of times.

I washed my car

Made some croquettes and refined the “recipe” so I can make them much better and faster next time.

Beat a bunch more sub-bosses in Bravely default

Somehow snagged a used collector’s edition of halo 4 lol

Drew a bunch of legs. Legs are actually pretty easy it turns out, it’s the feet that look weird.

Finished off the first set of personal missions in World of Tanks, getting the the stug IV or whatever.

And most recently, I found out about “parallax backgrounds” or whatever, and I thought that was pretty cool so I tried my hand at implementing it for this blog. Background images are from ideolo and uki. Basically it’s when scrolling text scrolls slower than the given background, which leads to some pretty slick looking UX when done right. Mine was just a proof of concept to see what needed to be done to pull it off, as to do it right I would say you would want backgrounds that are consistently dark or light and have the text the opposite color to show up nicely.

As a side effect of this I guess I re-learned the layout of how wordpress sets up its php files.

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