So, Accidents Happen.

I might of kind of accidentally beaten Bravely Default. See, you know how when there’s a button and someone’s like, don’t push this button, you want to push that button about 73 times? Yea, I kind of had that moment. Apparently I stumbled into a shortcut. Well, all’s well that ends well, looks like all my level grinding I’d done for the past couple of days wasn’t in vain, judging by how “difficult” the end battle was compared to a couple other battles I’ve had recently, I was actually a little overleveled, or maybe overgeared? Nah, I think it was the former. Anyways, I’ll be going through the standard path just to soak in all the content I’d accidentally passed by.

I really enjoyed this game. Currently, I’ve put in a good 60 hours or so into this game and not one minute of that is something I regret.

Anyways, android programming. Played around a bit with the UI. Got hands dirty with activities and intents. Basically, have the idea of what they are and the gist of how they work down, but implementing them smoothly is another issue, so that’ll be the fun stuff I get to next.

Read a couple of chapters of manga. While comprehension is lacking, I find I can read at a pretty smooth pace now.

Instead of drawing characters and bodies and whatnot, today I decided to sketch out a rough draft and workflow for the app I plan on making. Doesn’t have full coverage, but that was fun as it was different.

Add gym time in here as well.

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