Doing things I dislike to be able to enjoy the things I love.

Went to the gym, apparently I can do a full 20 minutes at a jog pace on the stair machine thing now, that was a surprise. I also like the stair machine because it seems to burn the most amount of calories with the least amount of effort.

Got a second monitor set up since having a single monitor was kind of a pain when it came to developing things in android studio. Also when streaming on twitch.

Went through one of the android tutorials, surprising amount of not java but xml. I’m starting to like intellij, it’s pretty snappy.

Got an hour of drawing in today, starting on bodywork. I guess I started getting comfortable with headshots, and staying in a zone of comfort probably isn’t where I want to be when it comes to drawing, so here comes the suck.

Should get a chapter or two read in manga I guess as well.

Anyways, if anything I think my takeaway is that I need to start getting more consistent about budgeting my time.

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