Man, I haven’t posted anything in forever. What have I been doing with my life?

Well, I read a book on tropical fish, apparently learned a bunch of thai food recipes, read some books on photography and graphic design, built a quick website to figure out what makes fixed background scrolling in firefox so cool, though I already kind of did this with the crude css changes per blog posts on this thing.

Anyways, barring those past 5 months or whatever where I probably wasn’t productive on the things I wished to be productive on, I now am pretty great at making Japanese fried comfort foods, mainly japanese beef croquettes (curry flavored is my favorite) and karaage. Recently I made some karaage after seeing it over and over in Shirobako. I also made what I assume is the teriyaki sauce every teriyaki chicken place makes, except I have no idea what I’m doing and make things with no regard to material cost. Also, man, this teriyaki/karaage/donburi/whatever sauce takes so much sugar to not taste nasty.


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