Good job past me redux

You actually made that Tumblr theme. Wow, well, congrats. That’s pretty cool. Now get better at drawing things.

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Reminder for Future self.

Ok. Good job past self for buying said game from past self.

Future note to self, make that custom tumblr theme already. Take color palette styling cues from RWBY. Because RWBY is pretty great.

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Reminder to self

Purchase this game,

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Pad Kee Mao pt. 2

After playing around with the ingredients a bit, I have learned a couple of things. First, it is important to not be stingy with the oil in the wok when frying up the noodles, since that helps give the dish it’s texture and “gloss” I guess, and make the noodles not stick. Second, I’m convinced sugar is a “secret” not so secret ingredient in most restaurant food now. And if you make double the servings you should add double the ingredients. lol.

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Pad Kee Mao

Or however you spell that romanization. I made that. Wasn’t quite there as good as from a real thai restaurant, but pretty close, and there were some things I actually liked more, mainly the increased ratio of garlic and spiciness. To make it better basically I need some ingredients I was missing when I made it today, mainly a tomato, onion, and maybe some bamboo. Oh, and chicken, but it was pretty good w/o. I still need to work on understanding how caramelizing sugar affects the end taste too.

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Man, I haven’t posted anything in forever. What have I been doing with my life?

Well, I read a book on tropical fish, apparently learned a bunch of thai food recipes, read some books on photography and graphic design, built a quick website to figure out what makes fixed background scrolling in firefox so cool, though I already kind of did this with the crude css changes per blog posts on this thing.

Anyways, barring those past 5 months or whatever where I probably wasn’t productive on the things I wished to be productive on, I now am pretty great at making Japanese fried comfort foods, mainly japanese beef croquettes (curry flavored is my favorite) and karaage. Recently I made some karaage after seeing it over and over in Shirobako. I also made what I assume is the teriyaki sauce every teriyaki chicken place makes, except I have no idea what I’m doing and make things with no regard to material cost. Also, man, this teriyaki/karaage/donburi/whatever sauce takes so much sugar to not taste nasty.


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New Game Plus

I used to despise New Game Plus. It used to seem like a copout way to pad the # of hours of estimated gameplay and “add replay” value by just tweaking the hp and damage values of enemies.

But now I look forward to new game plus. I don’t know when this paradigm shifted for me. It’s kind of like onions for me now that I think about it. I detested onions as a kid, now I love them.
New game plus, at least currently to me, tells me I can go back and explore/enjoy routes I was unable to in the first run through. Now, I wouldn’t want to play this in a game that is a heavy RPG grinder, but in games more like Danganronpa. Games that have a linear storyline with multiple subroutes, it is great. There’s less pressure to “get things right” on a playthrough and just enjoy it as it goes, but you can explore what you missed later on.

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